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Bringing DeFi products to market requires a DeFi-native approach. Product market fit is the result of careful smart contract design and thoughtful token economics, not moving fast and breaking things. Our flexible approach allows us to incubate, integrate or invest in early stage DeFi projects.

Smart Contract Financial Services

Smart contracts make financial services and money smart. Smart Money is building and investing in the future of finance.

Technology platform shifts enable new ways to reimagine existing industries and unlock new primitives. Permissionless and programmable financial services powered by smart contracts change everything. Smart Money is building products and investing in the teams that are reinventing financial services from the ground up via smart contracts.

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The operating system for actively managed crypto-native funds
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Web3 investors will need to have capital and fund administration infrastructure on-chain.

Everything you need to start, administer and manage a compliant fund, SPV, or investment DAO

SmartFunds breaks down vehicle creation and fund administration to a set of smart contracts, eliminating costs and reducing barriers to entry, empowering a new generation of asset managers.

Automates the transaction closing process

Open source fund administration infrastructure enables radical transparency and allows for built-in, programmable auditing

LPs and investors have access to an always up to date investor portal, fund administration records and cap table

Yield Farming Fund

First fully on-chain, compliant US hedge fund built entirely out of smart contracts

In 2020, Smart Money launched the Yield Farming Fund ($YFF), the first compliant US hedge fund to exist solely on-chain.

All fund operations, including subscriptions, redemptions and fees are handled on-chain by smart contracts

By existing fully on-chain, YFF offers LPs unparalleled transparency, with 24/7 access to a web-based investor portal, fund administration records and an always up-to-date cap table

Upon the initial deployment of the SmartFunds protocol to Polygon, YFF migrated to the protocol and now runs on SmartFunds

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